Lots of New Stuff in GME

Monday, July 23, 2007 12:53 PM

Well it took a bit longer than we expected but we finally released some new features and bug fixes for GME. We've been trying to respond as quickly as possible to your feature requests , meaning releases every other week, adding functionality and fixing bugs. This week's release includes:

  • Sorting
    We've been working on a few tags that enable sorting for our datastore and external feeds. gm:sort will enable you to define sorting criteria for your list and sort the list by default. Check out a simple demo here.
  • Sortable Headers
    Using the gm:header tag in your templates will enable your users to click any header in a list and sort the list using the selected criteria. Check out a simple demo here.
  • Compact Pager
    We've introduced a smaller version of our pager (only shows the Next and Previous links) for more compact applications, just use the compact="true' attribute in the gm:pager tag. Check out a simple demo here.
  • Image links
    You wanted to be able to reference images in a feed for links, try the imgref attribute on in the gm:image tag.
  • New icons for editing
    We've cleaned up the edit, save, cancel icons for editable lists.
  • New Template
    We've added a new built-in template, "articlelist". When used in conjunction with a gm:item tag with the "blog" template you have a nice feed reader.
  • Select Control
    Create a static drop down menu and use it in a template so your users can select items from a menu and save them to the datastore. Check out a simple demo here.
  • New access control for ${app} feed in published apps tab
    Set access control on the ${app} feed with this improved workflow.
Bug Fixes
  • Images no longer overflow the Google Maps infobubble.
  • Fix for adding pins for a map via the create attribute.
  • Better parsing of mixed content elements in feeds.
  • Feed Browser optimizations - much faster fetching and rendering of feeds in the Feed Browser.
  • Updated Documentation for all the new tags and attributes. We've also included a document on the anatomy of the GME application to help you understand some of the concepts a little better.
  • Continued infrastructure upgrades to reduce downtime going forward.
Let us know what you think about the changes and keep the suggestions coming.