"I like!" - A few cool mashups

Friday, July 20, 2007 11:47 AM

While were at Mashup Camp this past week we got a chance to meet with several of our developers. They showed us some pretty cool stuff that we wanted to share with everyone. So here are a few our thier mashups along with some other noteworthy examples from our GME gallery:
  • Jookebox - Jason Cooper

    Jookebox is a music mashup that pulls in data from iTunes and Amazon to give you a comprehensive view of what's happening on the music scene.

  • Pict Earth Missions - Valery Hronusov

    Pict Earth Missions is a project that takes high resolution photos of areas in the United States and plots them on a Google Map. This mashup uses a KML file to plot the points on a map. Another interesting thing is that this mashup is embedded in a Ning social networking site: http://pictearth.ning.com/

  • Flash Demo - Jvy Loh

    Flash Demo is a simple demo making use of flash in a GME hosted page.

  • GeoURL - Mark McLaren

    Mark has been busy creating some interesting demos with lots of great JavaScript. His work proves that you can use as few or as many of of the GME tags as you want. To read up on other things he's been up to check out his blog.

  • Lost Mashup - Don Schwarz

    Don, one of our mashup engineers, has taken his obsession with the TV show Lost to a new level with this mashup. Become a contributor and add items to the Lost mashup, search or the web, transcripts and blogs to get the latest information on Lost.
Do you have a cool mashup you'd like to share? Post it in our Mashup Gallery and share it with the world.