GME Development Resources

Friday, July 27, 2007 10:24 AM

The fastest way to learn how to something is by observing how others have completed similar tasks. To that end I want to introduce you to a few resources to help you get started with the Google Mashup Editor.
  • View Source
    What to see how a mashup hosted on was built? Click on the "View Source" link in the upper right of any mashup and see the source code of the GME mashup.
  • Demo Gallery
    From time to time we release new features and functionality. To demonstrate how those features work we build very simple demo apps that illustrate new functionality. Check out our Demo Gallery to see simple applications using new features
  • Article and Tutorials
    Some mashups are more complicated and teach specifc lessons about how to design, create and promote your mashup. For these types of lessons we've create a growing set of tutorials for your reading pleasure. We've just added a few new ones: Building an Extensive Maps Mashup and Google Mashup Editor and Yahoo! Pipes: Friend, not Foe.
  • Mashup Gallery
    Learn for what others have done by viewing mashups created with the Google Mashup Editor.
Do have other resources that are helpful to new GME developers? Let us know about them.