More New Stuff: 8/31 Feature Release

Friday, August 31, 2007 9:43 AM

We've got lots of new stuff for you this week in response to your feedback and bugs reports.

  • Enable public read only $user feed so that applications can share $user feeds to create social applications.
  • Ability to edit XML, CSS and HTML files uploaded into the editor.
  • Create and store the gadget configuration file when publishing a gadget. Also enables developers to edit the gadget config file in the Editor.
  • Loading indicators are visible when feeds are loading in a mashup.
  • New Tab styling and custom placement of tabs via CSS.
  • $app feed permissions now defaults to "Read and Write" for anonymous users.
  • Added last published date to "Published Apps" tab.
  • Enable setpage() and getpage() methods on gm:list JavaScript API.
  • Performance improvements in loading GME applications (fewer files and more caching).
  • Added onunload attribute to gm:page tag.
  • Editor now checks for repeat attribute in a template and throws an error is one is not there.
  • Feeds update much quicker.
  • Documentation for new features.

Bug Fixes
  • Prevent developers from breaking their session in the editor by reloading in the sandbox.
  • Maintain sort and filters after setData() method is called.
  • Fixed bug where no options were visible in a gm:select when using in IE
  • Fix to "blue-theme" CSS classes to make them look better in IE.
  • Fixed compilation of tags, unary operator now allowed.
  • Fixed so that gm:search can be used to search any GData feed that has search enabled.
  • Fixes to documentation and samples.
Please continue to send us feature requests and bug reports, we are trying to respond to your needs as quickly as possible. Let us know what you think of the new features by posting a message in our developer forum.