Farewell to Mashup Editor

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 5:38 PM

We had announced back in January that we would be shutting down the Mashup Editor in six months, and that time has come. Since a few of you still have applications running on the Mashup Editor, we decided to give you some extra time - 4 weeks. You can use this time to migrate your application to App Engine or any other infrastructure, or simply retrieve your data. We encourage you to replace your application as soon as possible with a static page giving useful information to your users about where to go. On August 12th, all traffic to the Mashup Editor will be redirected to a generic page. Note that your code is available on Project Hosting at http://code.google.com/p/mashup-{username}-{app name} (where non-supported characters are replaced by '-') and will remain available there for the foreseable future, but your data will not be accessible beyond August 12th. We've factored most of our learning from the Mashup Editor into App Engine, so we hope you'll give it a try if you haven't yet.


DaraR said...

It's sad to see the mashup editor leave, but you can still do mashups! There is a great contest going on at no-evil.net that you all should really check out. Its for Net10 which I think is a really good prepaid cellphone company. Basically its a contest where you can create your own mashup and with prizes! It was super easy and really fun. I highly suggest checking it out!

SEO EXPERT said...

You should allow 6 weeks. I hate it when something which is close to my heart closes.

Web Designer

Unknown said...

This is a very sad news. After Google Browser Sync, Mashup is one of the tool i deeply regret to see go.

Nic W | Business Consultant said...

Its a shame but no surprise considering the amount of Google projects on the go and the evolution of technology. Not sure when I going to have the time to get my head around App Engine!

Marketing Consultant

Anonymous said...

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Lawrence said...
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