From Mashup Editor to App Engine

Wednesday, January 14, 2009 7:21 PM

As we announced today on the Google Code Blog, we will be shutting down the Mashup Editor in six months. While it is always hard to say goodbye to a product, when we launched the Mashup Editor as a private beta last year, we did so to better understand the needs of you, our developers. And you spoke, and much of what we learned together is now a big part of App Engine, the new infrastructure for hosted developer applications. We look forward to working with you in the migration to App Engine, and can't wait to see what you build.


Mark Whiting said...

This is really sad. Mashups Editor taught me some things about programming that I think a more complex interface, including Google App Engine, could not have done.

Thanks for the good times, sad to see it go.

Dominik said...

I also thought that the GME is a great thing, which offered a good solution to aggregate Data from different Feeds and using these efficiently within simple web-apps. Some more feature tags such as to support JSON and XML based web services might have made the whole thing more interesting for a larger community.
If the GAE is able to keep up with the GME for Mashups is not so obvious to me.
Well, we will see.
Nontheless I had a great time with the GME and am Grateful for it's existence (and that it still can be used for another 6 month, otherwise I would have a real hard time about my current thesis)

mashup said...

Hi,I want to like to integrate my webpage in googlemashup.Can anybody say if this is still possible.If is not possible how can I integrate my webpage with sattelite map..Maybe goolge earth?My e-mail I appreciate your help because company is waiting for my answer how to integrate a map in the website.Thanks!

ManMIS said...

Please keep it! I love it!

吴亚鑫 said...
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吴亚鑫 said...

gme is a great product. it's really a bad thing for leaving us. Mashup ,as a concept,is just like a baby.

admin said...

What is the future of the Google mashup XML language? It is any plan to continue it development?

Juri Strumpflohner said...

What about existing Mashups and hosted Gadgets? Will they be deleted entirely??

Doobrie66 said...

I only just found out about it in a google mag - is the google blog the best place to keep track of what Google is up to? No obvious from the main search screen and most people wouldn't know it existed.

Mark B

Doobrie66 said...

being it back please - the App Engine is much more complex - GME allow ordinary people to create mashups which is fantastic. Cannot see why you would deprecate such a great idea.

Mark B

Alexey said...

Why not to use all this experience to create entirely web based development environment.
It will be very productive for us developers just enter to my account and work on my client side & server side code. I can see this principles in a GME.
Move the concept of desktop development environment platforms like Eclipse entirely to the web!

DaraR said...

The editor was great. For those of you who are still mashing, I suggest checking out
It was super easy and fun and its a mashing contest for cash prizes! Its for a prepaid cellphone company called Net-10 and it was a good time. They make it very easy to put it up and so many people are seeing it!

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