New Stuff - 10/4 Feature Release

Thursday, October 4, 2007 9:47 AM

A few new features for you to work with are available now in the Google Mashup Editor. Going forward we'll be blogging about releases and keeping release notes at

  • Geo encoding of any element in feed: the <gm:map> tag has new attribute (geolocationref) that takes any element in a feed and geo encodes it to display it on a map. See an example of how this works here.
  • XPath helper in Feed Browser: You no longer need to know the XPath of an element to display it in a template. Just pull up the feed in the feed browser and click on any of the underlined text to view the XPath expression that you will use in your template. The expression is located at the bottom of the feed browser.
  • New Themes: We added 6 new themes for templates so you can get great looking lists by simply including a css class in your template. Check out our getting started guide and this demo app to see how it works.
  • In memory feed - ${tmp} : The ${tmp} feed acts just like the ${user} feed except the data is not persisted on the server. This is great if you just want to temporarily display some information. Check out this sample to see how it works.
  • google.mashups.isUserAuthenticated(): method that returns true if and only if the user is autheticated.
  • centerOnLocation(address) method added to map module: Takes a string and centers on the geo encoded location that is represented by the string.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed IE6 error that causes fatal errors in some applications.
  • Fixed Maps bugs and upgraded to Maps API version 2.88.
  • Fixed the display of images in tabs.
  • Performace improvements for syntax highlighting in the Editor.