Monster Mash

Wednesday, October 17, 2007 2:41 PM

The leaves turn color and fall... spooky cackles pierce the cold, dark night as a faint howl echoes in the distance, carried on a biting wind. This can only mean one thing -- Halloween is nearly upon us once again! And to commemorate this, my favorite holiday of the year, I have created a new GME mashup called The Monster Mash.

The Monster Mash enables you to view the locations of Halloween parties on a Google map and add your own parties to the map for others to view. You can also see a listing of Halloween-related items (such as scary movies, costumes, and party supplies) from Google Base as well as Halloween-themed pictures and videos from Picasa Web Albums and YouTube, respectively.

Have fun, and please feel free to build and share your own quick Halloween mashups on the discussion board. The more the scarier! ;)