Create Google Gadgets with GME

Monday, September 17, 2007 4:01 PM

There are millions of Google users waiting to try out the latest Google Gadgets on their personalized homepage. Now you can supply those users with interesting and creative gadgets made with the Google Mashup Editor. Here are three simple steps to create a Google Gadget in GME:
  1. Add the gadget="true" attribute to the <gm:page> tag.
  2. Publish your application.
  3. Click on the File menu and select the "Submit Gadget" option.
    • You gadget configuration file is now served from http://<yourappname>
    • A gadget.xml file will be created and added to the "files" panel for your project.
    • You can edit gadget.xml the change the look of your gadget.
Below are several gadgets created with the Google Mashup Editor that you can add to your iGoogle homepage.
  • Tech Reader: View current headlines and stories from five major tech blogs. The simple blog reading interface was created in GME.

    Add to Google

  • Earthquake Gadget: See the most recent earthquakes mapped on a Google Map with felt and damage zones. Based on Reto Meier's Earthquake! mashup.

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  • San Francisco Real Estate Search: Search for apartments, condos and houses in the San Francisco area.

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So go ahead and publish your mashup as a gadget and share it with the world by submitting it to the iGoogle Gadget directory.